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Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing 24/7 online recharge platform for all telecom service providers. Initially, we are
providing this service to the subscriber of YU, Airtel and Safaricon.

Kobodesk now brings you on kobodesk.com, where mobile recharge is available for all major service providers like MTN, GLO, Etisalat & VisaPhone in Nigeria.

Yes, you can recharge for your family, friends and loved ones using the same account.

No. There is absolutely no extra charge for recharging. You will get the same airtime that your mobile service provider offers you.

The moment you complete the entire process for your mobile recharge on Kobodesk.com, you will get the following information from us:

· For new users, you will receive SMS about your Wallet login details & temporary password
· Order confirmation for payment towards recharge
· Order Receipt on Email & SMS confirming payment
· Successful recharge mail from Kobodesk Recharge services
· SMS from your operator with recharge details

Sometimes, we face delay from the telecom networks and they do not respond within few seconds. The only reason why at times your recharge does not happen is because the telecom networks do not always enjoy a very reliable connectivity. Even if recharge fails, don't worry, your money is safe with our Kobodesk wallet. Just 'Login' once again & try recharging.

Once you use your recharge Kobodesk balance to purchase a prepaid product, it cannot be reverted back. We do not take any responsibility for failure of product delivery at the operator's end though your money will be safe in the wallet if transactions fail.

You will get “Invalid Transaction” error for the following reasons, if:

· Mobile number/ subscriber Id is incorrect.
· Recharge denomination entered is incorrect.
· You have recently ported and the change has not happened in the database of the service provider.
· You have recently ported and while entering amount at kobodesk.com did not changed your operator.
· The service provider is temporarily unavailable for some technical error.

If you wish to recharge your mobile, you need to have the following:

· A valid mobile number and email ID as all information about your recharge will be sent to this number and email ID.
· You should be a pre-paid mobile user subscriber.
· A valid mobile network service provider from the list of service providers & circles that are available with us.
· We have credit/debit/ and net-banking options. So you should have either a valid credit/debit/or valid Internet banking User ID of your bank account.

Following steps to mobile recharge on kobodesk.com

· Select Plan - Enter your mobile number, the operator & circle will be automatically fetched. Now select the best plan for yourself or just enter the recharge amount and "Proceed".
· E-Mail - Enter a valid e-mail ID where you would like to receive the transactions details, if you have created an account then just enter registered e-mail ID & password
   and hit on “Recharge".
· New or Registered User - New user will see a message informing him about his wallet been created whereas Registered user will have to enter his wallet password to proceed.
· Mode of Payment - Select your preferred choice of payment and hit on "Payment".
· Payment gateway - Enter your card details or bank details and hit "Pay with Access".
· Confirmation – Yippee! Recharge successful with all your transaction details, recharge is delivered as an e-topup and it gets instantly updated to your account.
· If recharge fails, don't worry, your money is safe with our Kobodesk wallet. Just 'Login' once again and try recharging.

Order cancellations must be made before 24 hours prior to booking date& time.

You can contact us by:

· Writing to us at support@kobodesk.com or
· Click on the support section and register your query or
· Click on the feedback section and share your feedback.
· We promise a response within 24 hours.

Please read the privacy & policy carefully before using our service.

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